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Web Development
Award winning design. Website transformation for CLF, W3C and Web 2.0 media. Web Content Management Expertise. Extensive experience in designing and developing new websites, re-engineering existing sites.
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Call Centre Communications
Contact Management Telephony, certified technicians, Inbound, Outbound, CRM, IVR, ACD, Speech, VOIP and SIP, CallBase Interactive Intelligence Certified.
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Periphonics IVR / CTI
As a Certified Periphonics Developer, Nortak provides various types of specialists and developers to support clients across North America to assist with large and small telephony projects using the Periphonics tool kit, including: IVR/CTI applications, PeriProducer, PeriStudio, PeriReporter, VRAM, VPS/is, MPS 500, and text-to-speech.
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Enterprise-wide Application Development
Informatics Professional Services at all levels of the project lifecycle from Business Requirements gathering, infrastructure assessment to end-user applications design, development and implementation.
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