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Supply Arrangements and Standing Offers

Nortak Software recently added Stream 2 Geomatic Services to its TBIPS Tier 1 Supply Arrangement. The GIS categories Nortak can provide from this SA include:

  • G.1 Geomatics Analyst
  • G.3 GIS Applications Analyst
  • G.4 GIS Application Architect
  • G.5 GIS Data Architect
  • G.7 GIS Programmer/Analyst
  • G.8 GIS Project Manager

Nortak continues to be qualified for the following TBIPS streams:

  • Stream 1 (A) Application Services
  • Stream 2 (G) Geomatics Services
  • Stream 3 (I) IM/IT Services
  • Stream 4 (B) Bsuiness Services
  • Stream 5 (P) Project Management Services

Nortak Software Ltd. has the following Supply Arrangements and standing Offers with the Federal Government:

  • TBIPS SA [EN578-170432/209/EI]
  • TBIPS SO [EN578-172134/190/EI]
  • SBIPS SA [EN537-05IT01/031/EI]
  • ProServices SA [E60ZT/180027/248/ZT]
  • TSPS SA Task-Based [E60ZT-16TSPS/260/ZT]
  • TSPS SO Task-Based [E60ZT-16TSSO/213/ZT]
  • TSPS SA Solutions-Based [E60ZT-16TSSB/100/ZT]
  • THS SA [EN578-060502/281/ZN]
  • THS SO [E60ZN-110002/096/ZN]
  • Environment Canada (EC)
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
  • Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)
  • Ontario Task-based I&IT Services VOR [OSS-00430429]
  • Ontario Management Consulting Services (MCS) VOR [OSS-00426611]
  • Ontario I&IT Solutions Consulting Services VOR [OSS-00461242]

Third parties interested in using these procurement vehicles should contact our Sales Team by e-mail at .


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