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The Proactive Business Leadership web re-design and re-engineer project was a collaboration project that utilized new technologies and design approaches to create a dynamic web site and marketing tool for our client.

The web site, located at, is built in WordPress with primary interfaces to InfusionSoft and CustomerHub. The InfusionSoft interfaces provide self-service registration and e-commerce capabilites with automated email replies, automated credit card processing for single and monthly payment packages. The CustomerHub creates a unique experience for each user who signs up for the coaching seminars provided by Proactive Business Leadership.

One of the reasons for using WordPress was to provide our client with a web site that they could eventually maintain on their own. While WordPress is not the most powerful web content management tool in the market today, it is fairly easy to learn, very reliable and free of charge.

Our client was blogging right away after we turned the site over to them with minor training and were masters of their own site within a 4 to 8 week period. They also have the comfort of knowing that we back up their site on a regular basis and can, on a moments notice, step in to enhance elements or fix some of the more complex customized coding aspects of the site, if need be. They have installed addtional interfaces to FaceBook, LinkedIN, Twitter and Real Simple Syndication (RSS).

We built the the Newsletter Sign-up because it interfaces with the CustomerHub back-end for the CRM functionality. The overall design with mock-ups were prepared by Birddog Design, a design house that provides truely creative advertising, print media, web, e-marketing, and signage including 3-dimensional installations. ( Great fun people to work with.

The Nortak Web Development Team provided all the programming, IT Project Management, systems integration and hosting. Working with Birddog Design was a natural fit, enabling our team to focus on the technical elements of the project.

As a full service team, not only do we understand web-site design, and how important a well structured web-site is, we also have a very strong technical team, able to create dynamic web pages using a plethora of languages, including MS.Net, PHP, Java and HTML5.

Our hosting team will also fine-tune the environment to enhance the speed and performance associated with specific functions critical to the web-site design and operations. For instance, with this project we allocated additional memory to the Wordpress instance on the Linux server, then, as part of an upgrade, at no cost to the client, we moved the site on to a virtual server seamlessly (in otherwords, with no down time).

Analytics were also built into the Proactive Business Leadership site so we know for a fact that activity on this site is increasing steadily.

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