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Pre-Integrated Add-On Modules

Interaction Dialer

  • Provides predictive, power and preview outbound dialing capabilities
  • Unique digital trunk-to-SIP conversion network appliance architecture
  • Campaigns can run in agent and agent-less mode
  • Dialer application fully integrated with ACD to provide unmatched blended inbound and outbound capabilities.
For more information download the Interaction Dialer PDF here.

Or click here to view a live demo of Interaction Dialler. (To view this demo you will need Flash Player, click here to download it for free).

Interaction Recorder

  • Records and archives all interactions (phone, fax, email, web) and allows for quick and easy access to enable review and scoring of each interaction
  • Provides complete call quality assessment control all in a single interface
  • Excellent tool for helping improve customer service standards
  • Intuitive interface allows for simplified searching of records by user, date, phone number and many other parameters.
For more information download the Interaction Recorder PDF here.

Or click here to view a live demo of Interaction Recorder. (To view this demo you will need Flash Player, click here to download it for free).

Interaction Supervisor

  • Provides a single real-time interface for monitoring agent and workgroup activities as well as interaction events, CIC system and queue statistics
  • Unified communications architecture provides true cradle to grave reporting for each and every interaction
  • Features like whisper coaching and threshold alerting also enhance service-level management
  • Easily view statistical displays for lines and stations, system alerts, notifications, SNMP monitoring, event logging and log retrieval
  • Real-time or scheduled reports can be delivered in multiple formats
  • Eliminates need for gathering data from different platforms and sources
  • Nearly 100 standard reports included
  • Open standards reporting database allows for creation of custom reports
  • Easily set alerts on queue times, number of agents, talk time or any other data element in the contact center
  • Alerts can be visual, audible, email, text message or customized
For more information download the Interaction Supervisor PDF here.

Interaction Optimizer

  • Advanced fully-integrated workforce management (WFM) application
  • Leverages CIC's historical ACD data and anticipates interaction volumes not just for phone calls but for email, text chat and web interactions
  • Helps manage for call volumes, skill sets and agent headcount
  • Provides for intelligent forecasting, scheduling and real-time adherence
  • Generates agent schedules that accommodate vacation time, schedule changes, skills matching and more
  • Monitors agents' adherence to schedules
  • Eliminates third party integration to other vendors outboard platforms
For more information download the Interaction Optimizer PDF here.

Or click here to view a live demo of Interaction Optimizer. (To view this demo you will need Flash Player, click here to download it for free).

Interaction Director

  • For multi-site applications, intelligently routes phone calls to the location that can best handle those types of calls at that particular time
  • Both pre-call and post-call routing capabilities
  • Route calls based on ANI, DNIS and/or customized routing scripts
  • Utilizes real-time stats on load levels, queue depths, estimated hold times, specific skill availability etc.
For more information download the Interaction Director PDF here.

Interaction e-FAQ

  • Utilizing advanced linguistic analysis e-FAQ provides for automated self-service responses to inquiries via e-mail and the Web
  • e-FAQ's Web-based e-FAQ Knowledge Manager simplifies authoring and centralizes administration, reporting and testing
  • Includes built in escalation paths to live help from contact center agents
  • Pre-integrated to Customer Interaction Center® (CIC)
For more information download the Interaction e-FAQ PDF here.

Additional Built-in Features

  • The IC platform comes standard with advanced Presence Management. View the real time status of anyone in the company with status settings such as Available, At Lunch, In a Meeting or Out of the Office.
  • IC has an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for desktop telephony with point and click dialing, conferencing and transferring of calls allowing new users to be up and running in no time without the typical learning curve.
  • The unified messaging and remote agent features gives your employees the ability to receive all their communications and messages (telephone calls, emails, voicemails via .wav attachments, faxes, text chat transcripts etc.) at their desktop whether they're located at another branch office, across the country or at home. Users can even access their emails via the telephone user interface (TUI) utilizing the system to read text messages to them over the phone.
  • Get the right information to the right agent before they start speaking with a customer. Pre-built screen pop integrations to popular CRM and desktop solutions from Siebel, PeopleSoft, Pivotal, Microsoft Great Plains, Outlook, and MS CRM also let system administrators avoid costly CTI and upgrade nightmares.
  • CIC's built in interactive voice response (IVR) component lets you offer self-service options while customers are waiting in the queue, and also offers speech recognition enabled self-service options for customer convenience.
  • IC also offers advanced fax handling capabilities including a built in fax server with inbound faxes delivered directly to agents email inbox and outbound faxing from the desktop.
  • With CIC's sophisticated skills-based and media-based call routing capabilities customer inquiries quickly get to the right agent, business user or workgroup on the very first try.
  • Built in teleconference bridge capabilities, easily set up through software based client conferencing up to 96 parties.
  • Users can establish "Find Me - Follow Me" telephone numbers in their Interaction Client desktop interface, or using the IC system's personal rules options to configure how calls should be handled when they aren't available.
  • Universal automated attendant is capable of routing both calls and e-mails to any IC system workgroup (ACD, hunt, standard), user queue, or station queue, and plays estimated wait time and place in queue for calls. Interaction Attendant also makes it possible to route a call to the appropriate user's unified messaging inbox (voice mail/ e-mail/ fax).
  • Platform-wide centralized system administration of all functions from universal interfaces. Configure users, lines and stations, and with the built-in Interaction Attendant auto attendant to create and maintain ACD routing routines, call menus, IVR menus and other phone system features. No need for multiple dissimilar applications required to administer individual add-on boxes from multiple vendors.
  • Interaction Tracker provides the ability to track and report on every phone, fax, e-mail or Web chat interaction processed by the IC system. Powerful Interaction Report capabilities in the IC system let you generate reports on every IC interaction that passes through your organization. Run reports at any time for calls, users / agents, workgroups, and line groups, and also create custom reports as needed to collect other information relevant to your business and customers.
  • CIC gives you a full digital telephone system with features like ANI, DNIS, and T-1/E-1 support, plus fully programmable dial plans, customizable routing schemes, and virtual PBX functionality for remote users.
  • For those with international enterprise requirements, IC offers built in multi-lingual support, including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and other languages.
  • With its adherence to open standards and Windows based architecture IC offers unprecedented flexibility for virtually unlimited scalability and growth as well as much more affordable upgrades.

Call for more details at 1-888-222-3056 (in Ottawa 613-234-7212), or email us at

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